Environmental Testing

In the Middle East, AHSL is one of the pioneers conducting Environmental Impact Assessments – sound level survey, pollution monitoring, air quality testing, water and waste water analyses.

AHSL has been approved to undertake environment-related testing by a number of public-sector organizations in the UAE, including the Sewerage Projects Committee (SPC), Environmental Research and Wild Life Development Agency (ERWDA), Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC) and Environmental Protection & Development Authority (EPDA-RAK).  AHSL is also registered with the Federal Environment Authority (FEA) for the provision of environmental and related testing services.

Environment Department is accredited for ISO 17025 by DAC & ENAS for various tests in Water, Air Quality, Noise and Emission monitoring.

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AHSL Environment Department specializes is testing/monitoring of AIR, WATER, SOIL, NOISE/SOUND,LIGHT & METEOROLOGY.

Services Include

  1. Environmental Impact Assessments
  2. Sound level survey/noise monitoring
  3. Pollution monitoring
  4. Ambient and occupational air quality
  5. Indoor and outdoor air quality (physical, chemical and microbiological parameters)
  6. Water quality testing (sea, ground, potable, recreational and processed water)
  7. Ground contamination survey
  8. Flue gas emission testing
  9. Illuminance testing
  10. Stack emission monitoring

Tests are conducted following Regional and International Environmental Guidelines and in accordance with

  • US EPA EMC method 17, 6C & 7E, CTM 030 & 034
  • ISO 1996-2 : 2007
  • BS EN 481 : 1993, BS EN 12341: 1999, BS EN 60079-29, BS EN 12464
  • CCFRA 2.2.1- Guideline 45:2003

We live in a world where pollutants are threatening to contaminate the soil, air, and water. Hence, we from AL Hoty-Stanger offer a host of tests to check the purity and find the best soil quality, water, and air. We do environmental testing for the realtors and the farmers alike to put these to the best use. 

What Makes our Examination Effective

Using the latest in technology to implement the best methods to get the results, we do it all to check the impact of pollution on the environment. From stack emission test to ambient air testing, we check for appropriate quality. 

Our soil testing and its pH quality are all essential, along with the noise level testing of the environment to ensure it is fit for living. We also offer electromagnetic field testing along with indoor air quality and odor testing. 

Expect our engineers and researchers to give you the most appropriate results at the earliest. Our reports and testing procedures comply with the SPC, ERWDA, and Dubai Accreditation Centre standards. It makes our testing stand above the rest in this field. 

Call us to check the environment around your property and see how much of it needs a change and improvement.