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AL Hoty-Stanger specializes in testing and calibrating products and services. We take pride in being an ISO 17025 Accredited laboratory offering services in chemistry, construction materials, metallurgy, and environment. We also specialize in air testing of commercial and living spaces. As the best testing laboratory, we test indoor and ambient air quality and smoke emission monitoring. The teams at AL Hoty-Stanger also specialize in testing the microbiological analysis of the ambient air quality and inspects the HVAC and other ventilation vents.

Test the Best Air in the UAE Now!

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We look for air quality to follow the parameters of Carbon monoxide, TSPM (Total Suspended Particulate Matter), tests for HCN or Hydrogen Cyanide, and more. We also test in monitoring dust and noise monitoring all complying with the EIAC. 

Our Specialized Services

We have specialization in stack emission tests and control pollution. Using the best of equipment, we are there to measure the highest emission and check the concentration of the harmful gases. The fuel gas emission into the air these days are at an all-time high. So, we are doing our best to curb it and giving the best to the entire Middle East. Just contact us for commercial air testing now.